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Quickly capture valuable insights then securely and privately exchange information to streamline work and drive market confidence.

One System From Farm to Board

Our system is built upon for core toolsets; Companion, Builder, Align and Integrator.  Each stand alone to enable rapid development of innovative solutions (aka Innovations) from napkin to data center.

Binder is the only farm-forward solution that connects every person and asset in real-time, at a hyper-local level.  All data comes together—any time, any place, any system. Collaboration, training and enterprise workflow are built in so that team members and trading partners can collaborate, validate and streamline workflow across the supply chain.

An enterprise grade team collaboration and messaging solution built for the mobile era

Mobile Companion

Binder engages teams with real-time access to free flowing and structured information – all in one place, from any place. We empower teams to use real-time information to make better decisions, collaborate and harmonize for greater efficiency, alignment and engagement.


More than messaging. Binder provides a full suite of collaboration services (text, audio, video, timeline…) in one comprehensive module. Hold virtual meetings, share content and encourage media rich conversations in the context of your brand.


Illustrate your point. Teams can sketch freely, insert shapes, add voice tags, highlight and sign any document anywhere. Review and approve in real-time or send the items back through the workflow to improve quality, validate findings or address corrective actions.

Tasks & Documents

Binder takes any document, photo, GPS, image or integrated data point and seamlessly connects them into a real-time knowledge steam. Easily assign tasks, workflows, due-dates and reminders for you or your team members on any device


Share screens, video conversations, chat with audio and text, present documents and more. We’re mobile first, not mobile only. With Binders mobile-first architecture, users can both host and join meetings from any device from anywhere.

Workflows simplified. Seamlessly connect forms, checklists, conditions, logic and notifications with an intuitive drag-and drop tool

App Builder

Binder engages teams with real-time access to free flowing and structured information – all in one place, from any place. We empower teams to use real-time information to make better decisions, collaborate and harmonize for greater efficiency, alignment and engagement.

Smart Forms

Easily build custom forms with workflows, permissions and user management without IT. Quickly capture GPS, Signatures, File Upload or Integrate out the box with the services you already use.

Process Logic

Trigger alerts, notices and even automate form creation and review automatically for any condition, any time. You’re in complete control. Everything is connected as you drag and drop form fields and files onto the Solutions Builder.

Data Management

Simplify the connections between your forms and APIs. Integrate with 3rd party providers and legacy systems. All while maintaining control of your data in your environment or in a private cloud that we manage for you.

Mobile / Offline

Whether you are out in the middle of nowhere, or in an airplane, Binder allows you to collect and queue the valuable information you need, and then synchronize it when you are back online.

Mobile-first Learning Management Solutions for Process Improvement and Human Capacity Building with an Emphasis on “Human”.


Guide is a powerful LMS (Learning Management System) with a unique mobile-first twist.  Connect with your learners in the field where they are comfortable and productive.  Deliver actionable and relevant content to guide them on their learning path.

Whether it’s learning a new process, exacting compliance, or on-boarding new team members or partners, Guide is fully integrated into the Binder ecosystem to provide context-sensitive assistance and learning opportunities.

When you combine Guide with Builder and Companion, you’ll find your users engaged and connected in a collaborative space where they can not only access the tools they need but the knowledge to increase capacity, improve efficiencies and achieve goals.

Connect today to learn how to incorporate field-ready learning solutions today.

  • Make Learning Fun

    Use gamification to make courses more engaging and drive participation, by including fun elements like leaderboards, badges, and points.

  • Assess In Real-time

    Learner evaluation should be easy and stress-free process.  We offer 12 assignment types, a wide variety of grading options, and a powerful full-featured scores table.

  • Track Progress

    Stay informed – create charts and reports of important data such as assignment grades, module progress, missing work, and more. Track learners on a proficiency basis and identify the ones that are struggling.

  • Create Connections

    Learners can easily communicate and collaborate on projects using wikis, blogs, chats, forums, and groups, which helps them stay focused and excited.

Incorporating and Validating Data From Any System, In Any Format Anywhere, Anytime.

A.I. Align

A.I. Align is a Visual Data Discovery toolset for capturing, integrating and mining of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data from virtually any source.

When piles of PDF, Word, HTML or other documents are waiting to be keyed into the system, when large amounts of information from multiple document types and layouts need to be parsed, structured and loaded into a database, when employees are spending disproportionate amount of time on the manual data entry, then you know it’s time to empower your operations with A.I. Align.

Chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies, equipment manufacturers and many others process Certificates of Analysis or Conformance from various product suppliers.Using our agile data extraction components one could implement unlimited data extraction templates which automatically parse COA/C documents from hundreds of thousands of different suppliers.

Data can be received through emails, web scrapping, HTML requests, FTP, SFTP, and proprietary protocols or programming interfaces.Certificates of Analysis in the form of PDF, Word, Excel, XML, HTML, and text documents are handled with no human interaction.

The extracted product data is validated against norms and limits lookup tables. All valid products are loaded into a database. All problems and their reasons are listed in exception reports and emailed back to the managers. All is executed automatically on a predefined schedule.

Binder facilitates creating data extraction templates in minutes, making it very easy to adopt new COA layouts from new suppliers.

  • Retrieve

    Retrieving data from anywhere – emails, websites, HTTP and programming interfaces

  • Reconstruct

    Extracting loosely structured data from any file formats – PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, TXT, etc. and loading the data into any database (SAP, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Access, Excel, etc)

  • Reconcile

    Data analysis, reporting, PDF refactoring with Automated exceptions handling and notifications

  • Report

    Results are delivered via web based data access portals with process control, interactive reporting, data querying and verification

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