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    The First and Only Layered Collaborative Workspace for
    Field Operations, Remote Auditing, Multi-Scheme Certification and
    Deep-Tier Supply Chain Awareness.

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Binder is the only farm-forward solution that connects every person and asset in real-time, at a hyper-local level.  All data comes together—any time, any place, any system. Collaboration, training and enterprise workflow are built in so that team members and trading partners can collaborate, validate and streamline workflow across the supply chain.

Connect with any system (Enterprise, IoT, Sensors, Data Lakes, etc.) to automatically shape data into a collaborative knowledge stream  from any device,  anywhere in the world.

Quickly capture valuable insights then securely and privately exchange information to streamline work and drive market confidence.

One System From Farm to Board

Smart Forms, Automated Workflows and Alerts on any device
Collaboration & Messaging with voice, video, chat and document editing
Automatic Analytics and Dashboard to Query and Visualize Your Supply Chain
Trust and Privacy Management with granular controls.
Private or Public Cloud with Selective Sharing Controls
Harmonized Identity for People, Locations, Equipment and Data Stores
Document Authentication and localized validation insure integrity.
Align any data source, even unstructured pdfs, spreadsheets or handwritten reports.
API in a Box - Instantly create APIs and easily connect them as needed.
Quick Launch Onboarding and Customer Success Teams are standing by.

Explore the System – Mobile Collaboration, Innovation Builder, A.I. Align and Integrator

Smart Forms and workflow tools designed by people just like you

An Experience Built For You

Binder recognizes and applies the right set of data at the right time. Report, process and review accurate information without hunting for files. You’ll speed through records by connecting consultant reports; no more re-keying data.  Even unstructured information or various PDF reports combine with ease. The more you use Binder the smarter it becomes.


Smart forms only show information when needed and adapts to third-party systems and records so you don’t have to.


Elevate your conversations into full fledged voice, document and video conferences with one click from any device.

Mobile Ready

On the move? Not a problem with our native iOS and Android apps you will be connected even when your phone isn’t.


With plugins for Box, Google Drive, Office365, and dozens others you don’t have to leave the tools you’re used too.

Explore the System – Mobile Collaboration, Innovation Builder, A.I. Align and Integrator

Set Up in Seconds

On-demand Food Safety & Sustainability Programs

Configuring databases, forms, customizing programs and then getting information distributed is a huge lift when setting up your programs. Binder removes the needs for separate systems to manage customers, reports, audits, corrective actions, controls and certificates.

Have a farm? Your binder appears automatically. Have more than one farm? Your QMS system and audit controls are ready to go. Managing a group? Training and ERP connections appear.

From Farm to Board Room, Binder will leave you with plenty of time to focus on your business. With Binders’ analytics and private scoring tools continuous improvement initiatives get a boost and onboarding and training programs become a natural extension of your system.

Join the Ag-Data ((r))evolution!  Learn “Why”…

Old fashioned “business” built on solid trust relationships.

The Right Balance of Privacy & Security

Where does your information go after the audit? How can you protect your intellectual property while still collaborating? What liability transfers with the data up the food chain? These are questions that are often unknown; until now. With Binder there are clear Trust Connections established among parties and information can be used for awareness and validation without compromising intellectual property and privacy.

You’re in control of your data, period.

A New-Era Agri-Tech Company With A Unique Focus On The Human Connection To Data

Company You Want To Keep

Binder is Powered by Centricity

Our solutions empower you to focus on relationships rather than technology


Centricity has created a revolutionary eco-system of services that connect people, process and systems securely, and with the certainty of trust, across the food supply chain.

Smart Contracts enhanced by mobile collaboration create frictionless awareness  that facilitate deep-tier learning, risk management, financing,  micropayments and asset transfer without fees, floats or  transaction costs.

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